George Foreman GR10B 36 Square Inch Nonstick Countertop Grill, Black

This small version of the larger George Foreman Countertop Grill is rated highly for its portability and efficiency. To make healthy burgers, grilled sandwiches and fantastic grilled chicken, find a plug and you are ready to go in about one minute. This is pretty affordable, so you won’t need to take up a personal loan just to have it.

Product Detail

  • 36 inch square grill and sandwich maker
  • 2 non-removable fixed cooking plates
  • Can cook two burgers and several chicken breasts at one time
  • Double non-stick Teflon coating
  • Floating hinge allows for thick portions
  • Sloped design offers reduced fat
  • Drip tray
  • Plastic integrated handle
  • Ready indicator light
  • Product dimensions – 9.25” x 10.25” x 5”
  • Shipping weight – 4.0 pounds


Product Overview

If you can grill, it, the Foreman 36 inch grill is the lightweight product that will drain fat from the food and deliver a delicious, tender and healthy end product. Mix up your grilling treats with bacon, chicken or hot dogs that have never tasted so good.

The special pricing makes for a quick solution to every grilling challenge. The Foreman grill heats up quickly and maintains a stable, consistent grilling surface. The center and edges are at the same temperature so the entire 36 square inch cooking plates can be used for a variety of products.

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Steaks, chops, chicken breasts and grilled cheese sandwiches have never tasted so good. George Foreman, the oft time heavyweight boxing champion of the word, is a strong advocate of his fat-reducing cooking grills.

The floating hinge fits well for thick or thin dinners. The patented sloped cooking grill drains the fat and makes for less smoke during the grilling. To clean, clean the surface with a spatula, remove the drip tray and stow the grease and clean by hand with easy wiping.

Users report great success from fish to meats, vegetables and veggie burgers. The Teflon surface makes it easy to remove grilled treats with plastic spatulas. The integrated plastic handles make for safe, easy access to both cooking plates.

This personal grilling product is hard to beat at today’s favorable pricing. With this reduced fat grill while using the George Foreman GR10B 36 Square Inch Nonstick Countertop Grill, you will serve meals fit for contenders and make you look like a champion.

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